Italian Trulli

Earth Metal Society
AN AWARD WINNING SCULPTURES from the International Juried Art exhibit in New Delhi at Lalit Kala Akademi, 2014

Italian Trulli

We were once a society that coexisted with nature, treating it with great respect and love. Everything was in a balance and evolution moved without much distraction.

As time passed; our human society became intelligent. In the name of development, artificial intelligence started quantifying rather than sustaining quality. This lead to an imbalance in development and thus a new breed, a new society was formed. Here were people who I call as “Metal Society”. A group of people who became more rigid and were not concerned about the environment and the mental and physical state of the surrounding.

This group was progressing rapidly yet losing the naturalness of collective existence. In this sculptural installation I have made two groups of sculpture to show the differences. One group was done using hardened grass representing the “Earth people” and the other in GI wire “Metal Society”!

In here, I am showing poses of various movements and it is my believe that if our “metal society” could emulate simple mode of a natural walk, a dance movement, playing an instrument, martial arts or simply sitting on the ground, would get closer to the nature. Though the postures might seem very simple but today’s society especially the youngsters are not into this forms of movement.Instead, they are glued to electronic gadgets such as i-pads and the net. The “Earth Society” is environment friendly. It is made of people who are concerned about the well being of society. They work inwards doing meditation, yoga and are a thinking class of people.

This nine figurines made of grass shows the various postures which represent the “earth society”. I have deliberately distorted the figurines to indicate we are not in balance right now. It is my believe that when we are able to appreciate and enjoy the most natural habits in life, then we are not very far from our original self.

Italian Trulli

Neither here…nor there… (sold out)

"For past few years, sculptures have taken over my life. It has given me a new perspective to see art from a multi dimensional perspective. I use grass and earth to construct my sculptures which I feel are environmental friendly.These sculptures are designed to show that every emotion that invokes the self is seen by the visual window of the heart and mind. This is what i am trying to achieve in this sculptures; once the mind can think and rationalize wisely then you will be in the centre, like the man with his eyelid that is half-closed."