• India Art Festival

  • Nehru Centre Mumbai

  • 9 – 12 January 2020

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All great works of art are trophies of victorious struggle. -Julius Meier-Graefe

How do we question our roles and interdependence to the natural world? How are we interconnected to this dynamic, incredibly complex and fragile networks that has developed Earth slowly since the last 4.5 billion years or so. In the midst of our living in the cities and urban areas while being caught in the rat race to achieve our perceived needs of material possessions, do we even have time to pause and ponder what goes on at the planetary level-or even about the uniqueness of our planet?

From newly born mass of energy and elements that form evolved structure consisting of dynamic system of solids, liquids and gasses to the smallest of organisms and largest animals, all life on Earth has a common ancestor. This commonality is imprinted in every memory of the existence through evolutions of species. The evolution that keeps unfolding for billions of years in such a unique way that eventually enable life to foster. Then why and how can we remove ourselves further and further from Nature while assuming the right to dominate the landscape in such a short time? Instead of re-evaluating our role to nature, we have used our cognitive capacity to cause a perceived divisions between man and nature.

This solo show titled Pause…A Collective Consciousness by Jayshree Ramasamy is to offer a space of contemplation to the audience. It is a space for us to reflect on our role to the natural world. Inadvertently, our existence on Earth is completely and inextricably dependent on it. The different series of artworks exhibited are very interconnected to each other through the commonality of existence in the evolutionary cycle.

“We are here; can you see us” series consisting of five Acrylic on canvas paintings measuring 61cm x 61cm with similar titles aspire to bring the audience to look into the physical dimensions of space and time in relation to the different phases of a solid state. Things that exist beyond physicality and cannot be seen by the naked eyes but they form the fundamental components of physical existence.

The Extinct Installation Series are in measuring 59cm with 3cm depth is a mixed media used wood and metal that accentuate the beauty of physical form. Various species of insects were chosen to portray the myriads of the macroworlds teeming with life and in its own ecosystem. They form a community that plays a significant role in the ecology of the world due to their vast diversity of form, function and life-style. It is a portrayal of direct and indirect interaction that we have with the ecosystem around us, be it as symbiotic, competitiveness or even predatorial. It questions our role in the landscape of existence that defines a community and what differentiates one from another.

Leading from the Extinct Series, Jayshree further explore human consumption through the form of installation arts. Speaking out her concern on our obsession with convenience and efficiency beckoned a new perspective on the environment at the peak of the industrial age. We have thus moved from a subsistent, sustainable environment to one of greed and exploitation. Here, audience is impacted with products of consumption questioning again on our role within nature whether it should be one of subsistence rather than commercialization