Italian Trulli

Peacock in mind

91cm x 91cm
Acrylic on Canvas 2019

Italian Trulli

Endangered Series

Mixed Media - Metal and Wood | 59cm x 3cm (Diameter x Depth) - 10 pcs | 2019

About 10 endangered species in Malaysia and across the South East Asian region have been identified as a reflection of the Malaysian Identity and our ecosystem as a whole. To a large extent, these animals have now become extinct. For this series of installation, wood and metal are used as a medium. The base of these installations are made out of wood as it represents Earth and the circular shape represents rings in a tree trunk. To recreate the form of these endangered animals on wood, metal clips are used to sig-nify extinction and more importantly, as a reminder to the human population that these animals do not exist and only recognisable in skeleton form. The colour of metal represents the skeleton form and the colour red highlights frustration, anger and danger.